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Respected for integrity, quality, craftsmanship and service since 1945

We work diligently to be the very best commercial roofers in Northeastern Wisconsin and we know there is only one way to get the many return customers that we enjoy working with - to provide quality, value and great customer service.

Borsche History

Borsche Roofing was born in the 1920’s as The Belling Roofing Company, a residential roofing company. In March 1945, the company was sold to Arthur G. Borsche who changed the name to the Borsche Roofing Company and continued performing residential and some commercial roofing. In the early 1950’s, the company began doing more commercial and less residential roofing. Later Arthur’s son Gerald N. Borsche assumed the reins. As of January, 2003 the company's operating assets were sold to David A. Schultz, also a licensed design professional, changed the name to Borsche Roofing Professionals, Inc. Under Dave’s direction the company continues to follow its roots and focuses on integrity, quality, craftsmanship, safety and service -- which brings the best value-based roofing solutions to our customers.

Borsche Safety

Borsche is annually acknowledged for its safety program

Since 2007 Borsche Roofing Professionals, Inc. has been recognized by the Associated Builders and Contractors with the Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) Award. Borsche has received the prestige ‘Gold Level’ of achievement and recognition for continued development of its quality safety program.

Borsche is fully committed to quality training, education, processes and procedures. We maintain drug and alcohol testing for the purpose of promoting a safe work environment and the quality of our roofing.

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