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Case Study #2

Apr 20, 2016

Often while investigating chronic water penetration problem we must simulate the conditions that create a leak. Most of the time we can perform a water test that simulates rain. Though there is science to performing water tests, most of the time the test can be performed with a trained technician, a hose, and an appropriate spray nozzle.

In this case we were able to review the original building drawings to identify several sources of leaks over 100 ft. high on a multi-story building. Solutions were determined and the preventative work was performed. All was well until it rained with significant winds from a certain direction. The top floor solarium leaked. The manufacturer of the solarium was long out of business and shop drawings were not available. We were able to determine that the system was designed for use at ground level, not 110 ft. in the air. We now felt the framing holding the glass was flexing in the high winds that high. Standard water tests were performed but no leaking occurred. Somehow we had to simulate at least a 20 MPH wind and rain.

We made a call to the local fire department. Would they be willing to perform a water test with their aerial snorkel to simulate the wind and rain that caused the leaking? They were more than happy to. In fact they were always worried how they would fight a fire high atop this particular building.

The calculations were done to calculate the needed pressures and the combination water test and fire drill were performed. Sure enough the framing holding the glass allowed the glass to flex in the wind causing the leak. We identified an appropriate solution and the work was completed. Problem solved.

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