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Case Study #1

Apr 20, 2016

We regularly receive calls from building owners with chronic leak problems.  Often these are relatively new buildings that have had leak problems since they were built. While investigating the problems we sometimes find poor workmanship, improper use of materials, or damage caused by storms, other trades, birds and other critters that may frequent roofs.

More often than not chronic water infiltration problems in newer buildings are caused by design or construction issues. Expansion and contraction, improper wall coatings, the lack of “through wall” flashings, improperly installed windows, roof mounted HVAC units, structural attachments and a host of other issues that most roofing contractors may never recognize.

Forty years of building design and construction experience makes Borsche Roofing Professionals uniquely suited to troubleshoot chronic water penetration issues. We can identify issues and find cost effective solutions to eliminate the problem.

David A. Schultz, Registered Design Professional and President Borsche Roofing Professionals, Inc.

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