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Re-Roofing Services

Borsche offers the best value for building owners who need to re-roof. Most people don't think much about roofs until theirs is failing them in some way. If you are considering a retrofit to increase energy efficiency, or if your current roof has deteriorated, give Borsche Roofing Professionals a call for some honest answers. Borsche’s experienced professionals are able to assist you by evaluating current roof conditions, your objectives, and then giving you retrofitting options.

Borsche, we are safe, professional roofers doing quality retrofits, offering a full-range of retrofit solutions for industry, institutions and commerce ... all under one roof. We are home to a group of well-trained professionals that have experience in all types of architecture and construction.

Fully evaluating a roof and everything attached to it helps us determine the most economical, common-sense solution for your roof concerns. We’ve been in Northeastern Wisconsin installing, maintaining, and retrofitting roofs since 1945.

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Maintenance Services

Roofing maintenance saves on overhead and the life of your roof.

Usually, the only time we receive a message from our roof is when it says ‘Help!’ By investigating the current state of a roof, evaluating its level of wear, and performing required roof repair, you can add years to the life of your roof. Equally important, with proper maintenance you can protect all of the valuable equipment and inventory kept underneath it.

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Roofing Engineering

Most roof failures begin with overall design and construction issues. No other roofer looks deeper into roofing problems than we do. Most look no deeper than the top of a building; we evaluate the roof and what is holding it up. Sometimes water penetration is due to building components and failures. We find these issues and solve them. Professionals at Borsche use our design background and experience to prevent problems and devise solutions. That is what makes Borsche Roofing Professionals the best value around for building owners.

Borsche focuses on integrity, quality, craftsmanship, safety and service -- which brings the best value-based roofing solutions to our customers.

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